Hotels & Cruise liners

Used and trusted world wide extensively on cruise liners and in luxury hotels, these Sun Loungers have made a name for themselves through an unbeatable reputation for style, comfort, and durability.

Built to last

Resort Style Sun Loungers manufactured with premium grade UV and atmospheric pollutant resistant polypropylene & fiberglass resin, these sun loungers will give you season after season in NZ’s weather conditions

You're buying direct from the importer

Since 2012 ByDezign has been the NZ agent for the manufacturer, Nardi Garden. Cut out the middleman, buy directly from the importer and receive a full 2-year commercial warranty.

Sun Loungers & Chaise Loungers

We independently source and import only the highest quality sun loungers, chaise loungers & garden relciners. That’s how we came across our Italian supplier, Nardi. Nardi’s Sun Loungers and outdoor furniture are trusted the world over, featuring in major hotel chains and on the decks of huge cruise ships. All these resin garden loungers are made of UV and atmospheric pollutant resistant plastic & fiberglass resin that is 100% recyclable. This material is durable and all weather, even in commercial settings these sun loungers and garden recliners will deliver years of service. We have no doubt that these are NZ’s best sun loungers for sale. You’ll fall in love with the comfort and style these sun beds will deliver to your garden or pool setting.

Why buy Nardi Sun Loungers or Garden Recliners?

ByDezign Furniture has been the sole New Zealand (NZ) importer and distributor for Nardi Italian Garden Furniture since 2012. Nardi has made a name for themselves that is trusted worldwide because of their reputation for making the highest quality commercial and contract furniture. The secret behind their success is in the absolute attention to detail of the design in combination with the Italian engineering and manufacturing which is vastly superior to that of the competition. The success of their collections are down meticulous design, research and technological innovation and intrinsic product characteristics:

  • The high-end resin is batch-dyed and treated with an anti ultra-violet (UV) agent, this translates to product colours remaining unchanged and bright even when they are exposed to atmospheric pollutants and salty sea air (saline) conditions for extended periods of time

  • All Garden recliners / Sun loungers are light weight and easy to clean, non toxic and anti static

  • All their patio loungers are made of 100% recyclable materials

  • Nardi’s local sourcing of materials allows for perfect control over the quality of every sun lounger.

Nardi has been manufacturing outdoor furniture and garden recliners since 1990. Their success has been through hard work – constantly researching and designing to improve and provide an innovative range of products. These efforts have not gone unrewarded. The unparalleled prestige and popularity of their outdoor furniture means their products are sought after worldwide in commercial environments such as hotels, cruise ships / cruise liners, at beaches, swimming pools and golf courses to name a few.

While the initial investment of Nardi sun loungers is higher than that of inferior quality product, they certainly pay their way over time. Cheaper alternative sun chairs will go brittle, gather mold and fade over unacceptable periods of time. Nardi Sun Loungers all carry 2 year warranties for use in a commercial environments. This should provide serious peace of mind for residential customers alike, as these garden reclining sun loungers will be used more in a 2 year period in one of these high use environments than they’d likely be used in 20 years at home in your garden. Making the mistake of opting for a cheaper substitute could prove costly immediately, or just a bit down the line. Nardi loungers are the best thing available for sale in New Zealand and will not let you down.

The majority of Nadi’s business is achieved abroad (70%). The company does business in 5 continents. These include major markets such as the USA, Australia, Russia, China, Mexico & Latin America. Smaller islands that tend to be major holiday & tourist destinations such as Aruba, Anguilla, Grenada, Jamaica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua & Barbuda, St Lucia, Turks & Caicos, Saint Barth’s. New Zealand falls somewhere in between.