Trill Collection

Industrial designer, Raffaello Galiotto, drew inspiration from his decades long career working in the commercial/contract sector envisioning the T-shaped cross-section of a metal bar. This is visible in the end product’s straight edge, chunky bloc look – which differentiates itself from the more typical rounded NARDI design. The end result is robust and lightweight with a harmoniously sculptural appearance that flows design element to design element, seamlessly.

As with all Raffaello Galiotto and NARDI Outdoor collaborations, a huge focus is paid to the ergonomic design and comfort which are priorities in the Trill Collection. The entire range is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, with UV additives ensuring the NZ sun/UV conditions won’t suck the colour or structural integrity out of your piece.

The Trill range is entirely Made in Italy, from the concept of the design to the creation of the moulds and the end product. The entire range is 100% recyclable for less environmental impact at the end of the product’s lifespan.