Fatboy®: Illuminating Your World with Style and Sustainability

With a history rooted in innovation, Fatboy has been a beacon of design excellence since 1998. Renowned for their original and fun-loving designs, Fatboy collaborates with emerging international talents, constantly renewing their catalog. At the core of Fatboy’s ethos are simplicity in design, a commitment to quality materials, and a strong focus on sustainability.

Fatboy takes pride in its environmentally responsible practices, working with ISO certified companies adhering to the BSCI code of conduct protocol. All materials, from polyethylene to polycarbonate, are recycled and recyclable, and the exclusive use of Sunbrella textile products ensures longevity.

Discover the world of Fatboy, where style, sustainability, and innovative design illuminate every corner of your life. Welcome to a brighter and more stylish way of living with Fatboy.

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Showing all 2 results