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Showing all 16 results

Bar Stools & Kitchen Stools

Stylish and functional designer stools for indoor or outdoor spaces that meet the needs of NZ’s residential & home consumers, architects, interior designers, cafés, bars and pubs and the hospitality industry

Kitchen Counter Stools – The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s the informal and impromptu gathering area for guests, the kids, or the grandkids. Playing such a big role in our lives, it’s important to furnish with stools that are stylish, comfortable and compliment your décor style. With a range of beautiful models and colours and options with backs, we’re sure you’ll find your next set of breakfast bar stools you’ll love

Outdoor Bar Stools – New Zealanders love spending time outdoors. Enhance the look, feel and comfort of your patio area with all-weather UV protected stools that hold their colour over time, even when faced with a dirty great hole in the O-zone. Browse from a range of models with a variety of chic colours and styles and find the perfect outdoor stools for your space

Wooden Bar Stools – Everyone loves the charm, warmth and character that wooden furniture adds to your dining room or kitchen space. Look for our sustainably farmed options, with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)’s certification of approval for minimal environmental impact. Whether your space calls for an industrial Andy Warhol’s loft feel, or a more traditional bentwood look, you’ll find something to compliment the surrounding décor that you’ll love

Tall Bar Stools  – Higher, tall bar stools for bar leaners and high countertops, commonly seen in any restaurant, pub or bar environment. All our stools are commercial grade, for extra peace of mind select from our NARDI range that boast 200kg+ weight ratings certified by 3rd party strength tests, and 2-year manufacturer-backed warranties. Our stools excel at standing up to the hard life provided to them by the hospitality industry

What Height Stools are Right for You?

  • Measure Your Counter
    Choosing your bar stool height is important for keeping your guests comfortably seated. We highly advise breaking out the measuring tape to figure out the height required for your space, and avoid the hassle of buying the wrong option
  • Kitchen Counter & Breakfast Bar Stools
    A standard kitchen counter runs at height of around 900mm and requires a shorter stool with a residential seat height of roughly 650mm to avoid your legs feeling squished beneath the benchtop
  • Taller Commercial Height Bar Stools
    Taller applications commonly observed in restaurants, bars and cafes with bar leaners or high counters are typically 1050mm high and require a stool with a seat height of around 760mm

Who are our Bar Stools for?

The Hospitality Industry
Cafes, Restaurants, Bars and Pubs choose functionality but prioritise quality and aesthetic above all else. Practical considerations such as multipurpose stools that look equally beautiful indoors or outdoors, lightweight and stack ability, and crucially 200kg+ weight ratings

Home & Residential
Residential consumers love a stylish design and a beautifully contemporary colour palette. Quality conscious home buyers get the peace of mind that comes with buying from our commercial-grade range

Commercial & Contract Solutions
Commercial operations such as Hotels & Motels need bar stools that are durable, functional and sometimes saline resistant. 3rd party engineering & strength tests, and manufacturer-backed warranties take the risk out of buying new furniture for your business

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  • Commercial Warranties
    Peace of mind with commercial warranties, minimum 1-year, 2-year on Italian made. Read full T’s & C’s
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