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Your kitchen truly is the heart of the home, this reigns true, even for smartphone absorbed teenagers – the kitchen is still the watering hole that animals of all walks of life depend upon for survival, including those stubborn as mules. Bar stools give a seating option for family and friends to join us in the hustle & bustle of preparing meals or make it easier to supervise kids with homework. Traditionally the stuff of commercial environments such as bars & pubs, Bar Stools have since breached the residential fortress & made their way to being a household staple. The diverse range of functionality, styles & choice has contributed to their status as a kitchen fashion article. Designer bar stools & kitchen counter stools are an excellent way to modernize your kitchen or outdoor space. You’ll find a range of styles including modern, contemporary, industrial and retro. Whether you’re redecorating your kitchen, building a new bar or furnishing an outdoor area, we’ve got bar stools that will help your vision come to life. Check the height and length of your counter, and browse for stools that catch your eye and suit your area.

Our range contains a variety of stylish & functional designer bar stools that are all commercial grade, aiming to meet the needs of residential & home customers, architects, interior designers and the hospitality industry alike. All stool options we stock are of a high-quality and are sourced from manufacturers we know and trust. If you know the application of your stool you might find it helpful to narrow down your search options by browsing through our sub categories of Breakfast & Kitchen Counter Stools, Tall Stools, Adjustable Height Stools, Wooden Stools, or Outdoor Bar Stools.

What to know about bar stool sizing

Choosing a stool size is important for keeping yourself and your guests comfortably seated. You’ll find tall stools & kitchen counter options come in different seat heights. While seated, your elbows should be able to rest comfortably on a 90-degree angle on your counter, and your knees should also be at a 90-degree angle while your feet sit on the footrest. A standard kitchen counter runs at height of around 900mm, and requires a shorter breakfast stool residential seat height of roughly 660mm. Taller applications commonly observed in restaurants, bars and cafes with bar leaners or high counters are typically 1050mm high and require a seat height of around 760mm. We advise measuring up to avoid your legs feeling squeezed, and hassle associated with buying the wrong option.

Get in contact with us and tell us about your project, or come and visit our Auckland Furniture Showroom and make sure our seating options pass your comfort test. If you’re not based in Auckland, take advantage of our Free Shipping on orders over $499 offer (T’s & C’s Apply).

Designer Bar Stools & Kitchen Counter Stools

Finding Bar Stools in NZ That Are Modern, Comfortable, and Stylish

With the open concept style of design beginning to dominate tastes the world over, more homeowners are embracing bar stools in NZ homes. Easier to slip in and out of than typical kitchen chairs, counter stools save space, and their airy designs help to preserve your home’s aesthetic. 

Whether you're searching for stools to outfit a commercial eatery or are just a savvy homeowner looking for a comfortable-yet-chic way to offer more seating in a small space, the right supplier matters. At ByDezign Furniture, we're excited to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase well-built pieces imported directly from the Italian manufacturer NARDI.


What Sets ByDezign Furniture Apart Regarding Our Kitchen Bar Stools?

Why choose to shop with us when you decide to re-do the seating in your kitchen? After a renovation or an update, it makes sense to refresh your seats—but everyone knows what it's like to go furniture-hunting: tedious hours spent in stores, rarely finding what you want. Here's how we stand apart:

  • We take a direct hand in sourcing the furniture that we offer for sale. We don't put up a listing without first verifying quality and desirability in every product. 
  • Our customer service team is always ready to help. Whenever you have a question about a product or a concern with your order, you can count on personalised and friendly assistance. 
  • Our experience in supplying products for a commercial market allows us to easily identify stools that exhibit durability for extended heavy use, delivering better value on your spend. 

When you can browse a huge variety of breakfast bar stools right from home, it's easier and more enjoyable to do your furniture shopping. 


A Short Buyer's Guide for Modern Bar Stools

How can you be certain that you’re going to purchase stools that will work perfectly in your home? There's more to choosing a modern bar stool than meets the eye. Here's our quick guide to get you started:

  • Take careful measurements in your home. High stools are nice, but you don't want to trap your legs beneath the breakfast bar. 
  • Match colours to your existing kitchen design to appropriately complement your previous design efforts.
  • Mix and match similar styles to create a more eclectic look. Can't decide between two choices? Consider using both to add some visual variety to your space. 


Why Should You Choose ByDezign Furniture for Bar Stools and More? 

Don't spend hours trying to find furniture that's just good enough. Instead of settling, explore a wide range of options that are perfect for tying together your kitchen design or update. With commercial-quality bar stools, the whole family will enjoy a simple and stylish way to take it easy. With free shipping on most orders over $499, you can also enjoy an easier way to bring home your purchase: right from your doorstep. 

Start shopping now for your modern bar stool, and let us know if you have any questions.

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