High or Tall Bar Stools (Commercial Height)

High, Commercial Height or Tall Bar Stools can be a great way to enhance the look & décor of your space.  We stock a range of designer, wooden, and industrial bar stools that come in a variety of materials, colours & finishes. The bar stools for sale in the Tall Bar Stools category all have a seat height of roughly 750mm, and are suitable for seating at higher bar leaner or commercial application (typically 1050mm to counter – bar leaners, high bar benches etc). If you’re looking for bar stools for your kitchen counter, your typical bench height is around 900mm, which functions better with bar stools that have a seat height of around 650mm. While that’s typical, its still a good idea to measure up. If this is the case, you probably want to check out the Breakfast Bar Stools & Kitchen Counter Bar Stools category.