Cafe Chairs

The Restaurant Furniture Buying Guide

You've written your business plan, chosen your location, written up your menu, you're thinking about staff and you're eager to get out there and run a successful restaurant. You've got all your bases covered, right?Furniture is a crucial part of the restaurant experience and is an often overlooked aspect of opening and managing a restaurant. After all, your guests will be spending a great deal of their time getting acquainted with what they're sitting on! When it comes to [...]


How to best care for wood furniture

Wood furniture goes back thousands of years. With our origins being so tied in with nature itself, it's hardly any wonder why we have such an affinity for wooden furniture. Manipulation of wood into furniture is an art form which differs from metal and other man-made materials we so often use. Wood is naturally porous and often treated with a protective finish, these qualities lead to vastly different maintenance requirements than you may be used to. This article is intended [...]


How to choose Restaurant Furniture

When setting up a restaurant there are many things to consider, often restaurant furniture is overlooked or put on the back burner despite being a huge contributor to restaurant atmosphere. In this downloadable, printable infographic below we have shared our tips for choosing restaurant, bar or cafe furniture: Tips on picking restaurant or cafe furniture Download link: How to choose restaurant furniture Text Version: How to choose restaurant furniture When it comes to buying cafe, bar or restaurant furniture, there are a few things to [...]