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Showing 1–16 of 54 results

Outdoor Table & Chair Sets

Stylish and functional designer outdoor table and chair sets that withstand NZ’s harsh UV light and whatever else mother nature throws their way. Whether you’re looking for a new outdoor dining set or a more casual outdoor lounge set you’ll find something you’ll love from our collection

  • All Weather Protection
    Withstands Mother Nature’s Wrath
  • Inbuilt UV Protection
    UV Resistant Additives for Longevity
  • 200kg+ Weight Ratings
    Certified 3rd Party Testing
  • Excellent Warranties
    Commercial Grade, Manufacturer Backed
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain
    Wipe Down with Mild Soap & Water
  • 100% Recyclable
    Minimal Environmental Impact

Choose extendable table options for extra guests

Native Length – Choose an outdoor dining set that fits with the size and space of your area and seats your tribe’s typical numbers in its native length. Use its functional extendable mechanism to provide seating for extra or unplanned guests

Extendable Mechanism – Many of our outdoor table and chair sets have extendable functionality. These mechanisms differ, but the principle is the same – an extra panel stored either on a hidden shelf within the table’s structure or hidden away in your garage or shed

Extended Length – Add extra seating around your table when fully extended to complete the process. Collapse the table back to its native length for a more space efficient day-to-day setup or leave it permanently extended

Shop by Seat Number

10-Seater Sets – Do you find yourself entertaining crowds, planned or impromptu, on your patio or deck? If you’d like the ability to seat many people on occasion you might want to choose a 10-seater outdoor table and chairs set. Everyone loves a great kiwi summer BBQ with friends or family. Shop our range of 11-piece outdoor dining sets and find the perfect style and colours to complement your garden area and start planning for an NZ summer you’ll love

8-Seater Sets – New Zealanders love spending time outdoors. Enhance the look, feel and comfort of your patio area with all-weather UV protected 8-seater outdoor table and chair sets that hold their colour over time, even when faced with a dirty great hole in the O-zone. Choose from our range of 9-piece outdoor dining sets and find the perfect model table, chairs and colour combination to elevate your outdoor dining experience

6-Seater Sets – Spruce up your patio or deck area with a super chic Italian designed and made 6-seater outdoor dining set with UV resistant properties to keep your outdoor area looking fresh for seasons on end. Choose one of our outdoor sets with an extendable table, that seats 6 in native length but has extendable functionality in case you need room for a couple more.  We’re confident you’ll find a 7-Piece set you’ll love

4-Seater Sets -A smaller patio or garden area where space is an issue requires an outdoor table and chairs setting that’s a bit more compact. Whatever your application, find 4-seater outdoor dining settings and more laid-back outdoor lounge furniture sets with a central coffee table for your outdoor entertaining needs

2-Seater Sets – Craft yourself an intimate small garden retreat as an outdoor reading nook or cocktail-sipping escape with a 3-piece outdoor bistro set or a more relaxed armchair and coffee table setting. Whatever your goal, in our range you’ll find beautiful table and chair sets with styles and colour palettes you’ll love

European Third-Party & Quality Assurance Standards

  • 3rd Party Strength Tests
    Third-party structural & engineering testing is carried out on NARDI furniture by CATAS laboratories, the leading name in testing & applied research in the furniture industry
  • Adherence to EU ISO 9001
    All NARDI outdoor furniture is manufactured in accordance with European quality assurance ISO 9001 standards in the north of Italy
  • Internal Quality Assurance & Testing
    NARDI’s own internal quality assurance and testing go far beyond the industry standard