Outdoor Sofas

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Find a Stylish, Comfortable, and High-Quality Outdoor Lounge in NZ

Whether you desire a new look or want to upgrade your furniture, choose a couch, set of chairs, table, or outdoor lounge for NZ weather conditions. Designed to last and withstand harsh UV rays, NARDI furniture is stylish, comfortable, and extensively tested by a third party to ensure that it meets structural and engineering standards.

What Sets ByDezign Furniture Apart Regarding an Outdoor Couch in NZ?

We deliver quality furniture solutions to our NZ customers and provide excellent sales support.

  • We have environmentally-friendly outdoor sofa options: NARDI manufacturers are based in Italy and design and produce furniture from 100% recyclable materials. They collect these materials locally and use them to create furniture, which helps to reduce your ecological footprint, waste, and pollution. You can easily clean your furniture by wiping down with mild soap and water.
  • We deal directly with the importer: We import our furniture and offer it directly to our customers, so you can be confident that you are getting the best price. Our company supplies quality furniture that has been independently tested to ensure that it can withstand New Zealand weather conditions.
  • We provide free shipping: You can receive free delivery on your original, lightweight furniture when you spend over a certain amount. Our practical and stylish outdoor lounge suites are sure to transform your space into a comfortable and inviting environment.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Our 3-Seater Outdoor Lounge

When considering outdoor furniture such as chairs and lounges, never compromise or settle: demand the following critical features.

  • Stylish and long-lasting: NARDI furniture is the result of extensive research, technological innovation, and original designs with intrinsic product features. They batch-dye quality polypropylene and fibreglass resin then add in anti-UV agents which ensure that the product colour stays intense for longer—even when exposed to sea salt, UV rays or pollutants.
  • Designed with the customer’s use in mind: Our furniture range is a timeless and stylish contemporary Italian design that ensures comfortable outdoor living. Whether it is a summer BBQ with the kids or a social gathering with friends, our couches and chairs are durable, functional and made with high-end raw manufacturing materials.
  • Independently tested: NARDI manufacturers use an independent third party to test their products and ensure that each piece of furniture meets European quality assurance standards. Experienced and qualified chemists, engineers, mathematicians and physicists carry out rigorous testing on raw materials, components, and the finished furniture product. This extensive testing helps to give you the confidence that your furniture is truly durable and long-lasting.

About ByDezign Furniture’s Warranty

Invest with absolute confidence: our NARDI manufactured outdoor furniture comes with a two-year, manufacturer-backed, commercial-grade warranty. We stand by the products that we supply and only source the best quality furniture that can withstand hot NZ summers. You can rest assured that NARDI furniture is designed and tested to hold 200kg+ and remain lightweight yet structurally sound and stylish. Contact us today to order your outdoor lounge suite.

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