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How to choose Restaurant Furniture

When setting up a restaurant there are many things to consider, often restaurant furniture is overlooked or put on the back burner despite being a huge contributor to restaurant atmosphere. In this downloadable, printable infographic below we have shared our tips for choosing restaurant, bar or cafe furniture:

Tips on choosing cafe furniture
Tips on picking restaurant or cafe furniture

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How to choose restaurant furniture

When it comes to buying cafe, bar or restaurant furniture, there are a few things to take into consideration. Furniture is as important as any other measure of a good restaurant experience. When searching for furniture for your cafe or restaurant, it’s always better to have a concept or theme in mind as to what style will best suit your establishment. We have shared some tips below that will help you choose the right type of furniture for your cafe or restaurant.

Your environment and concept

What environment are you going for? Your furniture must reflect this theme. Will your restaurant cater mostly to large formal parties and meetings? Then you should consider buying longer dining tables or large banquet tables. Is your theme more of a romantic setting? Then smaller tables are a must. Restaurants with a more formal dining theme should be going with high-backed chairs.

Buy commercial grade

Don’t make the mistake of buying residential quality furniture for a commercial environment such as a restaurant or cafe. Residential quality furniture will often not stand up to the hard wearing bar or restaurant environments. Commercial quality will ensure the joinery, hardware and other potential problem areas are of a sufficient standard for heavy use. If buying metal furniture go for fully welded where possible.

Consider maintenance requirements and go for quality

When choosing furniture for your restaurant, bar or cafe two of the chief considerations should be maintenance requirements and quality. Some materials require more maintenance and attention than others, and if you do not have the time to spend then this could affect your other operations. Low maintenance materials that deliver style and comfort include anodized aluminium, high quality polypropylene resin and powder coated steel. Wood requires more caring for and more staff education.

Dual purpose furniture

If outdoor restaurant furniture is what you’re looking for, it may not be best to invest in things that look strictly good outside. Dual purpose furniture exists to provide solutions that look equally in place indoors as they do outdoors. Materials such as high quality polypropylene or aluminium are indoor-outdoor neutral, working in either setting.

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