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  • The Bit Chair NZ - Charcoal Colour
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    Bit Chair

    The sculpturesque Bit Chair boasts elegant contours and a visually appealing diamond perforated style which is the result of intricate 3D modeling & machining. Designed and manufactured in Italy with superior quality fiberglass & polypropylene resin that’s UV & weather resistant. Made to be outdoor safe, but so elegant that roughly 50% sold in NZ go straight into indoor environments.

    $148.35 inlc. GST
  • 4.75 out of 5

    Net Chair

    The graceful & stylish Net Chair. A single piece monobloc chair with elegant contours and unique perforated aesthetics – the outcome of complex 3D modelling & machining. Constructed of UV & weather resistant fiberglass poly-resin, it’s built to withstand the outdoors, though its visually appealing European design is so robust a significant portion of NZ sales are destined for indoors.

    $159.85 inlc. GST
  • Net Kitchen Counter Bar Stool - Taupe
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    Net Kitchen Counter Bar Stool

    Beautiful contours & contemporary European style! The Net Kitchen Counter Bar Stool is 100% Italian Made & Designed. Commercially rated & for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

    $192.46 inlc. GST
  • Net Tall Bar Stool
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    Net Tall Bar Stool

    The Net Tall Bar Stool, made & designed in Italy. Striking perforated style & elegant design that's dual purpose, looking the part in either indoor or outdoor environments. 

    $192.46 inlc. GST