Central Pedestal Tables

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  • Clip 70 Outdoor Balcony Table - Charcoal
    0 out of 5

    Clip 70 Outdoor Balcony Table

    The Clip 70 is charming with square top table characterised by its unique hole-punch perforated pattern that’s stylish and promotes water runoff in the 700mm X 700mm top size. In spite of its outdoor prowess, the Clip 70 is frequently bought to furnish indoor areas which tend to have a modern contemporary feel, rather than traditional. Made & designed in Italy from high-end fiberglass poly-resin that’s weather & UV resistant, with a bit of steel fully encased in the base to give it some grounding.

    $277.63 inlc. GST
  • Clip 80 Outdoor Patio Table – Charcoal
    5.00 out of 5

    Clip 80 Outdoor Patio Table

    The beautiful central pedestal Clip Table in the 800mm X 800mm size. The Clip 80 distinguishes itself from the crowd with its unique but refined perforated pattern that promotes water runoff. A truly multipurpose table, our NZ sales are split between indoor and outdoor environments. Designed & constructed in Italy with high-quality polypropylene & fiberglass resin that’s UV & weather resistant.

    $294.07 inlc. GST
  • Spritz Table & Spritz Coffee Table - White
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    Spritz Patio Table / Coffee Table

    A stylish & compact option, the Spritz Patio Table / Coffee table comes with two stems in regular table height, and coffee table height that are interchangeable. Designed and made in Italy with UV & weather resistant polypropylene & fiberglass resin that’s easy to clean and super low maintenance, this attractive table is suited to areas where space is at a premium.
    $123.21 inlc. GST
  • Step Table & Step Coffee Table - White
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    Step Patio Table / Coffee Table

    Stylish, petite & functional, the Step Patio Table / Coffee Table includes two interchangeable stems – regular table height and coffee table height. Italian made & designed, its chic punctured style encourages water runoff. Manufactured with high-end fiberglass & polypropylene resin that’s UV & weather resistant, easy to clean and ultra-low maintenance.

    $123.21 inlc. GST

Balcony, Small Patio & Central Pedestal Tables

Smaller pedestal tables can be useful to decorate those areas where space is at a premium, such as smaller patios or balconies. Losing the unnecessary legs of a table can help these areas feel larger than they actually are, making a nice comfortable little nook for you to sip your morning coffee or have a meal. Our outdoor safe options are all designed to last, made with materials that stack up against the elements such as UV resistant polypropylene & fiberglass resin.

The smaller footprint of these pedestal tables makes them a great option for the hospitality industry in venues such as bars, cafés, and restaurants. They also find lots of love from the accommodation contract sector, as they’re so space efficient for hotel balconies & patios.
Take your pick from this range of pedestal tables and match them up with some Outdoor Chairs , or take a look at our suggested Outdoor Table & Chair Sets.

If you’re looking for something on the larger side, go back a level and have a gander at our entire range of Tables. If you’re looking to feed a small army, or always find yourself with extra dinner guests, your search for tables may be more successful looking at our Extendable Tables. When you need a surface for reading material, coffee or a sunset cocktail, we’ve got you covered with our range of Coffee Tables & Side Tables. Are you doing up your outdoor area? You’ll find great outdoor safe dining tables that are all UV protected and made to go the distance Outdoor Tables range. You might be able to draw inspiration from our awesome range of Outdoor Furniture.

Shopping for central pedestal tables & small balcony tables for sale online has never been easier. Choose the right table for you and your space online, and come check them out in our Auckland Showroom. If visiting us isn’t an option, make sure to take full advantage of our Free Shipping on orders over $499 offer and have your picks shipped directly to your doorstep!