Sipario Eco Wall Planter/Partition – Double

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NARDI Sipario Eco Wall Planter With Bora Bistro & Step in Olive Green
Sipario Eco Wall Planter/Partition – Double $565.00 NZD incl. GST
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A free-standing modular vertical wall planter that can be used as a partition to square off areas for purpose or aesthetic effect. Comes with two vertical square eco-wall modules and a self-watering planter box housed in the base element.

The Sipario Eco Wall Planter/Partition – Double is a free-standing modular vertical wall planter that can be used as a partition to square off areas for purpose or aesthetic effect. It consists of 3 elements that are easily attached to each other without the need for screws or nails.

The “double” or “triple” refers to the vertical square elements. This is a modular wall planter which can be built to two or three of the modular elements high. Three is the highest level of vertically stacking the modules recommended by NARDI, the manufacturer.  Note: Some images in the photo gallery contain both images of the Double and the Triple. This is the Sipario Eco Wall Planter/Partition – Double that comes with two vertical eco wall squares, if you are interested the taller three eco-wall squares version then please check out the Sipario Eco Wall Planter/Partition – Triple.

The base module houses a self-watering planter complete with drainage base, planter tray reservoir, water level indicator and hole for filling reservoir. The planter itself has a designated pot inner mineral drainage layer, and area for potting soil.

Material: Recycled Polypropylene & Fiberglass Resin. This product is made entirely of off cuts and recycled poly-resin, this means small variations in colour between batches are possible.

To ensure the stability of the Sipario Eco Wall Planter/Partition, the pot must be filled with a ballast weighing at least 30 kg.

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W703mm X L350mm X H1406mm


Outdoor Safe


Material Properties

100% Recyclable, Anti-static, Non-toxic, Waterproof

Assembly Required

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