How to clean outdoor cushions 2

How to Clean Outdoor Cushions: the best way to care for your outdoor lounge

Disclaimer: UV conditions in NZ and Australia are quite hostile to outdoor fabrics. ByDezign recommends storing cushions indoors where they are sheltered from the elements when not in use. This will provide maximum longevity. An outdoor lounge full of cushions and pillows creates a stylish and comfortable space that is a real delight to spend […]

Cleaning nardi outdoor furniture mild soap water

How to Clean NARDI Outdoor Furniture

With NARDI’s impressive design, style and manufacturing materials of choice, we’ve got ourselves great furniture that is resistant to the build-up of dirt, grime, and biotic nuisances such as moss and mould. Resistance to, however, does not equate to immunity from. This article will cover the various methods and cleaning detergents that are safe to […]

Heat induced crack oak table

How to best care for wood furniture

Wood furniture goes back thousands of years. With our origins being so tied in with nature itself, it’s hardly any wonder why we have such an affinity for wooden furniture. Manipulation of wood into furniture is an art form which differs from metal and other man-made materials we so often use. Wood is naturally porous […]

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