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Cleaning nardi outdoor furniture mild soap water

How to Clean NARDI Outdoor Furniture

With NARDI’s impressive design, style and manufacturing materials of choice, we’ve got ourselves great furniture that is resistant to the build-up of dirt, grime, and biotic nuisances such as moss and mould. Resistance to, however, does not equate to immunity from. This article will cover the various methods and cleaning detergents that are safe to use on NARDI product, and various techniques for cleaning the not so intuitive elements of your furniture such as the synthetic fabric sun lounger beds.


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Central to NARDI’s product range is a high-quality polypropylene and fiberglass thermoplastic resin. This material in paramount due to its robustness, functionality, flexural strength and overall chic aesthetic. The resin is batch-dyed and treated with anti-ultraviolet (UV) agent, the result is outdoor furniture collections of tables and chairs that hold their vibrant colouration over time, even when exposed to the elements such as weather, atmospheric pollutants and saline conditions like salty sea air. All NARDI manufactured furniture is non-toxic, anti-static and 100% recyclable.

UV Resistant

Inbuilt anti-UV additives protect your furniture from damaging UV wavelengths of radiation produced by the sun

All Weather Protection

NARDI furniture is waterproof, withstands saline environments, humidity and other atmospheric pollutants


NARDI manufactured furniture is non-toxic, anti-static, and resistant to mould, mildew and moss

100% Recyclable

In addition to these impressive intrinsic product characteristics, NARDI manufactured product is 100% recyclable


The manufacturing materials NARDI select including their flagship polypropylene & fibreglass resin, have inherent properties that don’t retain grime, dirt or oils. Rinsing with water and wiping down with a clean cloth on a regular basis will keep your outdoor furniture clean. Life, however, tends to run away from you and after prolonged exposure to the elements, something slightly stronger might be in order

Cleaning nardi outdoor furniture mild soap water

The general go-to rule of thumb:

If it’s safe enough for your hands, its safe enough to clean NARDI product with

Dishwashing liquid detergent is specially formulated with a mixture of surfactants (compounds included to break the tension between solids), typically high-foaming, and selected because they do not irritate the skin.

A small amount of dishwashing liquid mixed together in a bowl of warm water can be used to wipe down your NARDI manufactured outdoor furniture. Use the mixture in conjunction with a soft cloth to lightly scrub and wipe away any build-up that may be present. Finish off by rinsing the furniture off with your garden hose and wiping off with a clean cloth.


Water blasting or pressure washing is the use of a high-pressure water spray for cleaning purposes to remove any built-up dirt, grime, or biotic scourge such as moss, mildew and mould. The process is entirely centred on the raw force of water from a pressurized source to achieve the desired cleaning effect on the target surface, absent any toxic, abrasive or potentially damaging chemicals. While NARDI Sun Loungers are resistant to build-up, they, like anything are not immune. Water blasting is an effective method to clean the synthetic fabric beds of NARDI Sun Loungers.

Its recommended that you approach this conservatively in terms of pressure setting and distance. Start out by using a lower pressure than you think you need, and a higher distance between the nozzle and the sun lounger bed than you think you need too. Incrementally adjust these variables, finding a balance between where your water blasting starts to clean effectively and the pressure isn’t so high that it starts causing damage. Once you’ve found the sweet spot, conduct the rest of your water blasting from this range.


NARDI produce their own inhouse cleaning detergent, NARDI Magic Clean. While you do not have to purchase this cleaning agent, that option is available to you.

If you don’t wish to buy NARDI Magic Clean it’s chemical make up is useful to match with an alternative. The detergent’s active ingredient was Benzyl Alcohol, and it was free from any abrasive, toxic, or other potentially damaging chemicals.

Nardi magic clean


Benzyl alcohol


Find more on Benzyl Alcohol
Source: PubChem (Benzyl Alcohol)

If you wish to replicate the manufacturer recommended cleaning product, we need to keep in mind two criteria; benzyl alcohol based, and non-abrasive. Benzyl alcohol based cleaners are common, found frequently at supermarkets and hardware stores.

Benzyl Alcohol Based

The solution must be benzyl-alcohol based. Benzyl alcohol is a useful and popular solvent due to its polarity, low toxicity and low vapour pressure.

Non-abrasive, Non-toxic

Abrasive cleaners work via friction to physically scratch off dirt and stains. These cleaners risk ruining the finish of your resin furniture and are best to avoid.


NARDI manufactured cushion covers, and Sunbrella manufactured cushion covers are equipped with zippers and can be easily removed for cleaning. These can be machine washed at 30 degrees water temperature. Brush dirt off regularly when your outdoor cushions are dry. Most stains can be combatted by sponging lightly with mild soap and lukewarm water. Carefully following the instructions, fabric spot remover can be used for more stubborn stains.

Mildew may grow on dirt or other substrates if cushions are kept in a constant wet or damp state. It’s highly recommended that you store outdoor cushions in a dry safe place such as your garage, shed or storage box when not in use.

Outdoor sofa couch - komodo 8-piece in olive green


  1. Joe Garber

    This is tremendously helpful. I’m very grateful. We’ve just bought eight of these Sun loungers and I’m wondering if you would recommend using some type of a spray protector on them when new?

    1. Michael [ByDezign Furniture Staff]

      Hi Joe,

      We’ve never used any sort of spray protector on them, that thought didn’t even occur. I’m not expert enough to point you in the direction of something suitable, but I can say that the loungers last quite a long time without any sort of protector. We’ve had an experiment running with the Alfa Sun Lounger for 12 years now. They’ve been outside, completely exposed ever since. They still look pretty good, so I wouldn’t worry too much about any additional protectors.



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