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    Alloro 210 – White

    The Alloro 210 in White is an uber-low maintenance, extendable and easy to clean outdoor dining table that exudes contemporary European style. Designed & manufactured in Italy with a faux wood slat look table top comprised of UV & weather resistant fiberglass poly-resin, and powder coated aluminium table legs. The standard size 2100mm length seats 8. The top extending mechanism allows for that to extend to 2800mm, comfortably seating 10.

    $1,263.85 $661.25 inlc. GST
  • Acquamarina Outdoor Recliner - White
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    Aquamarina Outdoor Recliner

    The stunning Aquamarina is a high back outdoor reclining armchair with 4-backrest positions. Its punctured style adds character and functionally promotes rainwater runoff. The headrest is a bi-material with a rubbery texture that’s semi-rigid but soft to lay back into. Made in Italy from UV & weather resistant polypropylene & fiberglass resin, the entire chair is foldable for storage over winter or transport from home to bach, or glamping location.
    $163.30 inlc. GST
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    Aria 3 Piece Balcony Setting - Charcoal with Grey Cushions
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    Aria 3 Piece Balcony Setting

    A beautiful European 3-piece patio setting that’s UV & weather resistant, commercially rated and comfortable with spacious chairs. Made to withstand the elements outdoors, but classy enough furnish an indoor space – that’s the beauty of Italian design & manufacturing.   The Aria 3 Piece Balcony Setting consists of:
    • 2x Aria Luxury Patio Armchairs
    • 1x Aria Coffee Table 600mm X 600mm
    $675.05 $607.55 inlc. GST
  • Aria Coffee Table 100 - Charcoal
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    Aria Coffee Table 100

    $148.35 inlc. GST
  • Aria Coffee Table 60 - Charcoal
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    Aria Coffee Table 60

    $120.75 inlc. GST
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    3 Piece Atlantico Sun Lounger Set - Charcoal
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    Atlantico 3 Piece Sun Lounger Set

    The 3 Piece Atlantico Sun Lounger Set, made with weather & UV resistant materials to combat NZ's harsh UV conditions. The sunbed has 4 adjustable back-rest positions to give maximum relaxation and comfort. The Atlantico Sun Lounger Set includes:
    • 2x Atlantico Sun Loungers
    • 1x Pop Side Table
    $1,196.05 $1,098.00 inlc. GST
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    Atlantico Sun Lounger

    Create an idyllic resort style retreat and channel your holiday frame of mind in your own garden with the Atlantico Sun Lounger. A beautiful sun bed garden feature that’s UV and Weather Resistant, has 4 Backrest positions and other awesome features.
    $549.00 inlc. GST
  • The Bit Chair NZ - Charcoal Colour
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    Bit Chair

    The sculpturesque Bit Chair boasts elegant contours and a visually appealing diamond perforated style which is the result of intricate 3D modeling & machining. Designed and manufactured in Italy with superior quality fiberglass & polypropylene resin that’s UV & weather resistant. Made to be outdoor safe, but so elegant that roughly 50% sold in NZ go straight into indoor environments.

    $148.35 inlc. GST
  • Bora Arm Chair NZ - Charcoal
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    Bora Arm Chair

    The Bora Arm Chair is simple but beautiful. A uniform coloured monobloc outdoor dining chair with arms, rocking its eye-catching distinctive hole-punch perforated style, which both adds to its visual appeal and very functionally promotes water runoff – perfect for those 4-seasons in a day NZ summers. Designed & made in Italy with high-end polypropylene & fiberglass resin that’s UV and weather resistant.

    $136.85 inlc. GST
  • Bora Bistro Chair NZ - Charcoal
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    Bora Bistro Chair

    The Bora Bistro Chair boasts an attractive but simple, functional design. A mono-colour single piece outdoor dining chair without arms that’s got a distinctive hole-punch perforation pattern, giving great aesthetics and encouraging water runoff – making it the right fit for the 4-seasons in a day summer shower weather we all expect in NZ. Manufactured & designed in Italy with high-quality fiberglass & polypropylene resin that’s both UV & weather resistant.

    $136.85 inlc. GST
  • Clip 70 Outdoor Balcony Table - Charcoal
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    Clip 70 Outdoor Balcony Table

    The Clip 70 is charming with square top table characterised by its unique hole-punch perforated pattern that’s stylish and promotes water runoff in the 700mm X 700mm top size. In spite of its outdoor prowess, the Clip 70 is frequently bought to furnish indoor areas which tend to have a modern contemporary feel, rather than traditional. Made & designed in Italy from high-end fiberglass poly-resin that’s weather & UV resistant, with a bit of steel fully encased in the base to give it some grounding.

    $277.63 inlc. GST