Stack Maxi Combo 5-Piece

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NARDI Stack Combo 5-Piece Outdoor Bar Leaner Set - Terra
Stack Maxi Combo 5-Piece $1,062.00 NZD incl. GST
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The Stack Maxi Combo 5-Piece Outdoor Bar Leaner & Bar Stools Set will elevate your outdoor area. Made with high-quality UV resistant polypropylene & fiberglass resin from recycled sources in Italy by NARDI.

The Stack Maxi Combo 5-Piece Outdoor Bar Leaner Set includes:

  • 4x Stack Maxi Tall Stools
  • 1x Combo 60 Outdoor Patio Table
  • 1x Combo 60 Bar Leaner Leg Extension Kit

(The Table + Bar Leaner Leg Extension Kit make up the Bar Leaner)

NARDI Regeneration

The Stack Maxi Combo 5-Piece Outdoor Bar Leaner Set is the result of combining the matching Stack Maxi Outdoor Tall Bar Stool and Combo 60 Bar Leaner. Both the stools and the bar leaner belong to NARDI’s Regeneration Industrial Program, the purpose of which is to use regenerated & recycled plastics to produce beautiful outdoor furniture with the same commercial quality and durability that is expected of the NARDI company.

Stack Maxi Outdoor Bar Stool

The Stack Maxi Outdoor Tall Stool is comprised of recycled polypropylene & fiberglass resin. It features a linear design with extra thick sections that were inspired by strips of wood. The special regenerated resin blend is characterised by streaks brought to prominence by the harmony between its unique Terra colour and rough matte texture that together produce a beautiful vintage effect.

The Stack Maxi displays a beautiful spiral shape which breaks from its more linear overall frame. The spiral is innovatively functional, allowing stools to be stacked on top of each other in a space efficient manner. Designer Raffaello Galiotto had this to say “The spiral design is not a mere aesthetic whim, but the search for a shape that perfectly meets the need for rotational stacking, going beyond the classic design of the outer strip.‎”. The hole in the centre of the seat allows for water runoff, and prevents a vacuum being formed when trying to separate a stacked bar stool from the below stool.

Combo 60 Outdoor Bar Leaner

The Combo 60 Bar Leaner, a round top outdoor safe bar leaner table is comprised of recycled polypropylene & fiberglass resin. It features a straight-line design that breaks into a round table top. A pedestal-style centre column table base that’s the cumulation of four spoke legs keep the table grounded and steady, while adjustable height feet can be used to level off on uneven surfaces.

The Regeneration Industrial Range

The colour and texture of the Regeneration range are the result of extensive experimentation and research by the NARDI company that was undertaken with the intent of giving their recycled/regenerated resin an aesthetic appearance and presence that live in harmony with nature. The matte brown colour, Terra – evoking a bond with the earth is a perfect reflection of NARDI’s green philosophy. The end result is a satisfyingly tactile rough texture with the presence of non-uniform subtle streaks that make each piece of furniture ever so slightly different to the next. This process has given the regeneration range an aesthetic textured charm, like the natural world around us.

The material is weatherproof, UV resistant, 100% recyclable, anti-static and non-toxic. It requires no special maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.

Note: Regenerated fiberglass polypropylene may undergo variations in colour between batches due to the nature and use of recycled materials.

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Additional information




Chair Dimensions

D480mm X W480mm X H765mm

Chair Materials

Recycled Polypropylene & Fiberglass Resin

Chairs Stackable


Chair Weight


Chair Weight Capacity

Downward Force Tested 203.9kg (2,000N)

Bar Leaner Dimensions

Ø600mm X H1105mm


Table Weight


Foot Properties

Adjustable, Non-slip

Material Properties

100% Recyclable, Anti-static, Non-toxic, Waterproof

Resistant To

, , ,


Outdoor Safe

Umbrella Hole

Cleaning Instructions

Assembly Required

ISO 9001 Certified



NARDI Outdoor

NARDI stands out with its simple yet elegant designs, featuring vibrant colours that define its versatile and eco-friendly product range. With over three decades of experience, NARDI has mastered the art of crafting resin furniture renowned for its impeccable design and uncompromising quality. NARDI's furniture is ideal for both residential and commercial environments, a testament to their unwavering commitment to aesthetic appeal and excellence. NARDI’s signature material is their unique blend of polypropylene and fiberglass resin, engineered for maximum UV resistance, ensuring longevity and resilience against the harshest weather conditions. These materials are crafted using state-of-the-art technologies, meeting the highest environmental sustainability standards, and are 100% recyclable, minimizing their environmental footprint throughout their life cycle. When you choose NARDI, you choose a lifestyle that celebrates quality, sustainability, and the allure of Italian outdoor living. Welcome to a world of comfort, style, and environmental responsibility.
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Regeneration by NARDI

Natural, evocative and eco-friendly. Make your outdoor spaces both stylish and environmentally responsible with Regeneration by NARDI – an eco-conscious revolution in outdoor furniture where sustainability meets Italian craftsmanship.

The source material is 100% recycled and thus is subject to differing availability in colour, comes in varying ages, levels exposure, and a variety of use cases in its former life. This produces a distinct aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of imperfections. A rough matte texture and vintage effect, enriched with intentional streaks, make each piece a unique work of art.

Regeneration has earned recognition for its commitment to sustainability, receiving accolades such as the Green Good Design Award 2022 and the Prize Designs for Modern Furniture and Lighting® Award 2022. Explore the Regeneration collection, where sustainable living meets Italian elegance, and join us in our mission to make the world a greener, more beautiful place, one recycled plastic piece at a time.

Green Good Design Award & Modern Furniture and Lighting Award 2022
NARDI Regeneration


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